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"Thank you so much for all your help throughout the process. I don’t know what I would have done without you. You were such a tremendous help with the whole process—figuring out a list with me, showing me how to display all my information, even last minute questions and essay edits! I am so grateful, and so pleased with the outcome."


Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School 

Bethesda, MD

"We LOVED working with Marsha!  I have two older daughters, who had been through the process with another counselor.  Marsha was head and shoulders above that counselor.  Marsha is smart, organized, and very calming.  What I especially liked about Marsha was that she worked with my son and me and our needs.  Marsha was certainly accurate regarding what was a reach and what was a likely acceptance.  The other thing I loved was how accessible Marsha was.  We would send her an email with a question and we always heard back from her promptly.  Also, Marsha was great with my son.  He was happy to go see her alone, which I thought was great.”


Wilson High School

Washington, DC

“It became clearer to me this morning how much you really, really helped our family during our son’s application time.  You gave all of us much more than a list of appropriate schools—you gave us a friendly place to talk about them.” 


Nyack High School

Nyack, NY

"Thank you again, Marsha.  My daughter left your office with a spring in her step.  She is so overwhelmed and you are so incredibly helpful.  We may actually survive this!"


Walter Johnson High School

Rockville, MD

"Having you to talk to has made this all so much easier and better.  I cannot imagine going through this without you!"


Edmund Burke School

Washington, DC

"I desperately wanted to transfer to a new school that was more rigorous and where I would feel more at home.  You helped me put together a list of schools to apply to and helped me to understand the transfer process. After several acceptances, I decided to go to Smith. I just wanted to thank you for your help and advice! I absolutely love Smith and had a phenomenal year! I’m even going to be president of my house this coming year."

Transfer Student

Silver Spring, MD

"Marsha, we are so grateful that we found you and that you mentored my daughter in such a calm and supportive way.  She is so thrilled with the outcome. Here I was panicked that she wouldn't get in anywhere and now she has choices!  Thanks again for your guidance and wisdom."


Naperville Central High School

Naperville, IL

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