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It's never too early--or too late--in a student's high school career to begin planning for the college admissions process. My services include evaluation of the student's record, high school academic and extracurricular planning, standardized test selection and scheduling, development of an appropriate college list, interview preparation, resume development, essay topic brainstorming and selection, detailed essay draft review, application review, special talent presentation, athletic recruiting, early decision/early action strategy, deferral and wait list strategies, and final college selection.


While the transfer admission process appears similar to first year admission, there are, in fact, significant differences. Application requirements and deadlines are different.  Transfer applicants may need to be very focused about their academic interests and apply for a specific major. Colleges often require a minimum number of college credits for a student even to be eligible to transfer. Colleges that are extremely competitive for first year admission may be more open to transfers, while a college to which a student was admitted as a first year student may be out of reach for transfer admission.  I provide  transfer admission services similar to those offered to students applying for first year admission, in the context of specialized knowledge of the transfer admission process


Powerful college application essays can show an applicant's personality and strengths that are not clearly visible in the cold objective facts of an application. Strong essays can make an applicant shine and significantly enhance a student's applications. For many students, the ubiquitous personal statement is just the beginning of essay work; many colleges require multiple supplemental essays as a part of the application. I provide essay assistance to students as a stand-alone service as well as as part of comprehensive application consulting, brainstorming essay topics, organizing the additional essay requirements, and working to a realistic schedule to complete polished and meaningful finished products.


I work with all kinds of students:  artists and athletes, future scientists and historians-to-be, highly motivated students and students who have yet to find their passions, those interested in big public universities and those who are attracted to small liberal arts colleges—and everyone in between.  And I help students on various paths to their degrees:  some are interested in a traditional four-year college path following high school, while others want a gap year, a post-graduate year, mid-year admission, or to transfer as part of their college journey.  


I use an hourly fee structure to customize my services and be responsive to the needs of each student and family.  Most families want comprehensive admissions counseling, and I work intensively with the student through each step of the process.  Some students want assistance with select parts of the college admissions process, such as college list development or essay assistance.  Other families want a "background advisor" with whom they can discuss specific questions and concerns during the application process.  I meet with students in my Kensington, Maryland office, and remotely via video conferencing.   Please contact me to learn more about services and options.

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