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But what makes a college a "good fit"? College is a place where students should be able to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. To maximize that growth potential, students should feel academically and personally engaged at college and happy to be there. 

The college admission process can seem like a daunting puzzle. Which high school classes should you take? When is the right time to take standardized tests and how should you prepare for them?  How do you put together a good college list? How do you write memorable college application essays? I'm a guide for the student and for parents, readily available to advise and help them navigate the process.  

The college application process has become an inherently stressful one. I help students and their parents reduce the stress and anxiety of the journey by making sure they understand the details of the process, developing individualized strategies for each student to best navigate each step, creating a plan to implement those strategies, and helping the student carry out that plan. 

I help students select colleges that are appropriate for their interests, values, and personalities, and help them identify their “stories,” determining effective ways to present themselves to colleges in their applications. I help students find their voices, and support them in crafting essays that are both personal and compelling. I develop positive, trusting relationships with students and parents.  

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